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About the Strawberry Tour

  • The Strawberry Tour is a golf tournament series for all amateur golfers of any age and skill level.
  • Players can participate in tournaments of about 250 Golf Clubs in Austria, Germany, Italy, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary.
  • After purchasing the Strawberry Tour membership card for 49 Euro once per season, the players can experience each “Strawberry Tournament” for the maximum price of 43 Euro (or the regional equivalent) per tournament.
  • The players are split into six groups by handicap. The best three results (net points) of each player in different clubs are summarized, resulting in his total points.
  • At the end of the season there is a final tournament.

Your advantages at a glance

Experience various golf tournaments for a flat fee of just 43 Euro per tournament

Win an invitation to the final tournament: The best 30 of each group are invited to the finals.

Win a vacation at a great golf venue: The best 3 of each group at the finals get one week vacation at a premium destination in or around the Mediterranean Sea. You can also book these well-established Strawberry-travels for a fair prize and go on holiday with like-minded people.

Win another vacation: At the Strawberry-vacation there is another tournament, where the net winner gets to go to the Strawberry-vacation of the following year.

Save cash! With the Strawberry-card you are eligible for discounts of the Greenfee at various partner clubs.

Use the additional offers: From time to time the partner-clubs and partner-hotels offer tournament packages, trips, events and other additional discounts. Great for a short vacation!

The partners of the Strawberry Tour regularly offer specials and benefits for Strawberry-players. For example: Win a bottle of wine by the winery Steyer (Slovenia) for a hole-in-one.

Win prizes at special contests: In addition to the main tournament there are extras like the "Bonus Lottery" and the "Team Challenge".

Stay informed: The team of the Strawberry Tour regularly informs players via e-mail, social media and apps about news and current events.

Mode of play

All Strawberry Tour-players register for their desired tournaments directly at the respective partner Golf Club. All tournaments are organised independently by the Golf Clubs. Scoring is done by "Stableford" and the official golf rules of the R & A Golf Club of St. Andrews and the rules of the individal Golf Club are applied. You can play as many tournaments as you like.


The Strawberry Tour scoring is calculated exclusively in net points and in these 6 handicap-classes:

  • A: Hcp. 0 – 13
  • B: Hcp. 13,1 – 18
  • C: Hcp. 18,1 – 23
  • D: Hcp. 23,1 – 26,4
  • E: Hcp. 26,5 – 33
  • F: Hcp. 33,1 – 54

For the classification the handicap of the player is used at the time of the registration and does not change during the season. To get answers to the most common questions please refer to the FAQ.


The cut-off date of the qualification to the final tournament is about 2 to 3 weeks prior. Please refer to the tournament calendar. Tournaments which take place after the cut-off date are counted towards the score of the next season (if the player renews the participation in the Strawberry Tour on time).

The final results are calculated by adding up the three best net results, obtained in three different Golf Courses. Which means you need to play at least in three different places. The first 30 from each group (A, B, C, D, E, F) are qualified for the finals and receive an invitation. If two or more players are tied, the best scratch-result is counted, meaning all the other completed tournaments on different Golf Courses are taken into account (the fourth best net score, the fifth best and so on). If there is still no clear result then the amount of completed tournaments counts.

Only the 30 best of each group (A, B, C, D, E, F) are qualified for the final tournament and only they receive an invitation. If a qualified player cancels his/her participation, the next in line is asked, whether they would like to participate.

At the final tournament every participant will receive prizes. The top prize, one week of golf vacation at a first-class destination in the Mediterranean Sea, is awarded to the three best of each Handicap-Group.

How to participate?

Simply use the registration form to sign up! After successful registration and after we have received payment of the registration fee (€ 49), your name will be displayed in the "players list" and you are free to play at tournaments as stated in the "tournament calendar" or "club calendar".